Recovering From A Spinal Injury: Alternative Ideas For You

When you suffer from a spinal injury, no matter how it happens or when, you know that the road to recovery can be a long one. While many people rely entirely on conventional medical treatments for their spinal injury, these may not always be enough to ensure a speedy and full recovery. Get to know some of the other, alternative options for recovering from a spinal injury so that you can be sure that your recovery is as comprehensive and holistic as possible. Once you know your options, you will be able to begin your treatment program sooner rather than later.

Acupuncture for Spinal Injuries

While many people may not realize it, acupuncture is a treatment that can be used to help with a wide variety of injuries and ailments. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine treatment that is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice. It is based on the theory that the body is made up of a series of flowing energies from one area of the body to the other and that those energies are all interconnected and related to one another.

When a person experiences a traumatic injury, like a spinal injury, the flow of energy in their body gets disrupted or blocked in certain areas. This blockage can be the cause of continued pain, stiffness, and slower than normal healing.

To help treat a spinal injury, an acupuncturist will analyze your injury and your symptoms and place tiny needles into specific acupuncture points throughout the body to stimulate the proper flow of energy throughout the body. These points may be along the back and neck, in the face and head, on the abdomen, and even in the feet and hands. Pain reduction and overall relaxation are common effects of acupuncture treatments that will also aid in your recovery from your spinal injury.

Herbal Treatments and Supplements

It is well known that proper nutrition can help the body to heal and maintain health better. As such, it stands to reason that herbal treatments and supplements (as well as vitamins and minerals) can help in the spinal injury recovery process.

Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, contribute a great deal to the health of the nervous system including the spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nerves. Taking a fish oil supplement or adding flax seeds or flax seed oil to your diet can help you to improve the health of your spinal cord and improve the recovery process.

Taking other supplements for calcium and vitamin D can also help as these substances promote overall bone strength and health. You can, of course, also incorporate more of these nutrients into your diet if you prefer that to taking pill supplements. The more nutritious your diet, the better your body can support and heal itself.

Now that you know a few of the alternative treatment options for your spinal injury, you can incorporate these methods into your care and treatment program. With any luck, you will improve and speed up your recovery process by doing so. For more information, speak to an organization like Project Walk.