Choosing The Right Sports Bra

If you love to work out, you know how important it is to have the right clothes. Having the right sports bra is one of the most important pieces of fitness clothing a woman can own. Knowing how to shop for the right one will make your workouts more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Bra You Don't Want

Just because it's called a sports bra, doesn't mean it functions as it should. If the bra in your closet is made of cotton, step away now. Cotton has a bad habit of not offering much support. Even worse, it holds on to moisture. So when you're sweating up a storm, the cotton sports bra is absorbing all of the moisture and holding it against your skin. Having this excess moisture against your skin can lead to rashes or chafing, which nobody wants.

Beyond the fabric type, the fit of your bra is incredibly important. The straps should be wide and hug your shoulders firmly, but without cutting into them. Your breasts should fit comfortably into the bra, without any excess fabric or overfilling of the bra.

To avoid getting an ill-fitting sports bra, you want to get one that's sold in your specific bra size. If the bra in your closet is sold in a general size, like small, medium or large, it won't be a custom fit. Not to mention, a sports bra that fits you properly will likely be sold with clasps. Bras sold without clasps are typically made with stretchy fabric to accommodate going over your shoulders. The same stretch that allows your bra to go over your shoulders, will allow much more movement than a clasped bra.

The Proper Fit

The proper fitting sports bra will make all of the difference in your workout routine. The right bra will limit the movement of the Cooper ligaments in your breasts. When you work out without a sports bra, these ligaments can become damaged without proper support, which can lead to saggy breasts. There are several different types of sports bras available to help limit the movement of these ligaments.

  • Compression: Compression bras don't offer individual cups for your breasts, but function by trying to bind and compress the breasts to minimize movement. These work great for minimizing front and back movement, but not up and down.
  • Encapsulation: These bras offer two separate cups for your breasts and work to avoid movement in all directions by enclosing them entirely.
  • Hybrids: These bras provide the best of both worlds, offering both compression and encapsulation.

No matter which of these bras you find work for you, be sure to get them in a fabric that pulls moisture away from the body. The more moisture that can be pulled away, the longer you can work out comfortably.

Rock The Look

Choosing the right sports bra and other cute fitness apparel doesn't only help you work out better, but it can increase your confidence too. Have fun with the bra you choose. There are limitless options filled with bright colors and fun prints to help you love your workout even more.