Six Ways to Get to the Gym When You Have Kids

According to data collected by the CDC, almost 70% of adults in the United States over the age of 20 are overweight or obese.  Less than 25% of adults over 18 meet guidelines for aerobic and muscle strengthening activity.  Joining a gym can be a great solution to getting healthy if you fall into one of these categories.  However, many adults feel like they are unable to get the gym because they have children.  Here are some solutions to finding child care for the kiddos while you work out.

Find a gym with onsite child care. 

Many gyms offer child care on site in some form.  Smaller gyms may have a room or an area where children can sit quietly and play or do activities within your line of site.  Larger gyms often have actual child care programs that allow you to drop your kids off for a period of time while you work out on site.  These programs tend to be an additional fee and typically only operate certain hours each day. 

Take some time for yourself and leave the kids at day care.

There are many reasons why an adult might send their child to day care.  If your kids attend day care, consider picking the kids up a little later than normal a few times a week to hit the gym.  You have already paid for your child to attend, so make the most of it and go work out!

Look into after school care.

If you have children in school instead of daycare, and you are unable to go to the gym during the day because of work or school, check out after school programs at your child's school.  If it's possible, make arrangements for them to stay after a couple times a week so you can exercise.

If you have a significant other, trade off time with him/her. 

Families tend to fall into a routine.  Although it may take some adjusting, make going to the gym a part of your daily routine.  Talk with your significant other about squeezing some gym time in.  Make a plan for how going to the gym will work with the children, then motivate each other to go work out during the planned times.

Child care swap with a friend, neighbor or family member.  

Talk to the people around you who also have children.  See if you can arrange a few times a week to swap kids so that you can each get a workout in. 

Take the kids with you and exercise together.

If your child is old enough, take them to the gym with you.  Although many gyms do have age requirements, there may be something your children can do with you, even if it is just walking around a track.  As kids get older, some gyms offer training for children so that they can also participate in using gym equipment. 

Children are a blessing, and it is important to model healthy behavior so that they will follow in your footsteps.  Make exercising a priority so that you can be around for your children as they get older. Look into local gyms, such as Halevy Life, to see if they're right for you and your health. Be sure to ask if they have any childcare services or if you need to find alternatives.