Swimming: Full Body Exercise For Anyone And Everyone!

Full body exercises are a great way to build muscle, increase strength and burn calories quickly and efficiently. Many people get their full body workout done at the gym by completing a series of exercises that work all muscle groups, increase heart rate and give an all around great cardiovascular workout. However, these exercises can be rough on your body, and if you have an injury or condition that prohibits you from working out this way, you can still get a great full body workout!

Swimming is an excellent full body exercise, and it is one that anyone can do! Swimming workouts can be modified for any skill level, and it is low impact so it is unlikely to cause an injury or irritate an existing injury. There are many benefits that swimming can provide.

Swimming is gentle on your body.

When you submerge yourself in water, you become buoyant and strain is taken off of your body and your joints. This makes swimming a great full body exercise for people who need low impact activity. Athletes often turn to swimming when recovering from other injuries. Sometimes they choose to swim just to give their body a break from higher impact exercises.

You will get an amazing workout.

Low impact does not mean you aren't getting a good workout. Swimming engages every muscle group. Your upper body, core and legs are all moving and working all your muscles. At the same time, you are strengthening your body, burning calories and getting a great cardiovascular workout. The harder you push yourself, the better the workout will be. 

You can target different areas.

Although swimming is a full body exercise, you can also target different muscle groups. You may want to utilize a tool to help with this. A kickboard allows you to keep your head above water while concentrating on kicking. Different "kicks" will target different parts of your legs and core. For example, a dolphin kick will work your body differently than a flutter kick. A pull buoy between your legs allows you to focus on your upper body and core while you pull your body through the water without kicking. Different swimming strokes will also work your body in different ways. 

Swimming is quiet and relaxing.

When you are swimming you are in your own peaceful underwater world. The quiet when you are submerged under water is very calming. It can reduce stress levels and has the potential to leave you more relaxed for the rest of your day.

You can swim forever.

Swimming is something that people can participate in for a lifetime. You are never too old to participate in this low impact, full body exercise!