Tips For Going To Your First Fitness Class

If you've never been to a fitness class before, you may not know what to expect at first. Don't be afraid; fitness classes are designed to be welcoming places where people encourage each other toward the goal of being more fit. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable at your first fitness program class.

Watch the Classes Before Attending

If at all possible, watch some of the class before you actually attend it. Even a short period of observation can give you helpful insights, as you'll see what different members are wearing and what sorts of movements they're doing. 

You can practice any of the movements that you notice on your own before attending the first class. Even if you get just one or two moves down before attending, you'll feel more confident knowing that you can do what's involved.

While watching a class might seem like a challenging task, it's actually quite easy to do. In many cases, you can slowly walk by a class while it's going on. Classes in public spaces are obviously visible, and gyms often have large windows that let people see into the rooms where classes take place.

On the off chance that you can't observe a class in person, search for a video of the class online. Even if your local class doesn't have a video posted, someone has likely posted a similar class that you can watch and practice along with.

Arrive at the Class Before the Start Time

On the day of your first registered class, arrive at the class early. You'll feel more comfortable if there aren't already a lot of people there, and you can also introduce yourself to the instructor during this time. Many instructors can explain aspects of a class and make accommodations for first-timers if it's necessary to do so.

Arriving early also ensures that you have plenty of time to set up any equipment that's needed. Many classes require at least some specialized equipment.

Choose a Spot in the Middle of the Class

Avoid the temptation to select a space in the back of the class, where it can be difficult for the instructor to actually see you. Instead, choose a location in the middle of everyone else. You'll blend in if you're in the middle, and the instructor will be able to see what you're doing. This will ensure that they can help you adjust your position if it's slightly off at times.