Essential Exercise Equipment For MMA Training

Anyone who practices MMA understands how important it is to have the right training exercise equipment. Mixed Martial Arts requires extreme dedication and training in order to prevent injury and also guarantee success in the ring.

Below are some common pieces of MMA training equipment that an MMA trainer uses.

A Heavy Bag and a Stand

MMA training requires that one train punches and kicking skills. In order to do this, you will need to use a heavy bag.

The old-fashioned way to use a heavy bag was to hang it up by a chain. The problem with this method is that not everyone wants to drill a support hook into their ceiling. Many people are not able to hang a heavy bag for other reasons such as a lack of support.

This is why modern heavy bags for MMA training are best used with a heavy bag stand. These stands can be situated in any room that is functioning as a workout space. Then the person can train on the heavy bag and perfect their striking and kicking skills.

A Punching Dummy            

While the heavy bag is sufficient for boxers, MMA is a totally different spot with more involved striking and kicking techniques. Many of these need to be practiced and honed using a punching dummy. These pieces of equipment can help simulate a real-life fighting opponent. The benefit to using the punching dummy is that it is shaped like a real-life MMA opponent and will present better striking zones for the practice session.

Rolling Mats

Every MMA workout space will need to have rolling mats. The rolling mats are instrumental in making sure that there are no injuries while on the floor. Rolling mats can be brought online and they will immediately transform any space into a safe area to practice MMA grappling and groundwork. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself on the hard floor.

Kettle Bells

Finally, no MMA workout would be complete without weightlifting. The perfect piece of equipment for an MMA workout would be kettlebells. These are extremely popular in the mixed martial arts community because they allow for a complete range of motion. This is important when training for a combat sport which requires you to have strength in multiple different areas. Kettlebells can be brought in different sizes and they are very compact and easily stored when not in use.