Good Group Fitness Activities For Day Camps

Running a day camp can be a lot of work, but it can also be plenty of fun. The kids who attend the camp, especially, should have a memorable time. While your camp will probably include plenty of crafts and low-key activities, you'll also want to play for some fitness-related activities. It's usually easiest when these fitness activities can accommodate a large group all at once. Here are some group fitness activities that tend to work well for day camps.


Hiking can be great physical activity. It's more demanding than walking, especially on rugged terrain with lots of elevation change. Plus, it gets the kids out in nature where they can see some wonderful views, admire various trees and plants, and perhaps even catch glimpses of some wild animals. You don't have to make every hike a long one. Even taking the kids for a one-mile hike every day will allow them to get some exercise in a fun, group setting. To help keep the group together, make sure you disperse the supervising adults throughout the group and have someone bring up the rear.

Field Events

Another option would be to borrow a few of the field events from track and field meets. The shotput throw and discus throw are usually the easiest to organize. You could do the long jump, too. Have all of the campers participate in each of the three events. You can give them three chances at each event, and record their best of the three attempts. At the end of the session, you can declare a winner for each event, and also an overall winner. If you host this event on the last day of camp, the kids can spend the week prior practicing their throwing and jumping, which will keep them busy during downtime.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a fun game, but it requires a lot more fitness and physical activity than you might think. Kids really have to use their back and core to brace themselves as they pull on their rope. And of course, their arms will get a workout, too. Try to break the kids up into teams that are as evenly matched as possible. Give them gloves to wear so nobody gets scraped hands, and then have them start tugging, as teams, on opposite ends of the rope. The last team standing wins!

With these group fitness activities, your campers will have an excellent time.